Distrikt 1912
RI klubska številka: 76063

Rotarijski klub Solkan – Siliganum
Cesta IX.korpusa 35,
SI-5250, Solkan, Slovenija

Srečanja: vsak torek ob 20:00 uri
Meetings: Tuesday at 2000 Hours
Incontri: il martedì alle ore 20.00



Nagovor guvernerja

Nagovor guvernerjaGreeting Message for the Charter of the Rotary Club of Solkan-Siliganum

As it is a solemn moment for a family to release its children into the world and their new personal future, we can compare the act of charter of a new club joining the vast world of Rotary…

Every Rotarian must be convinced that friendship is the “foundation rock” – as Paul Harris has said already decades ago – and upon this, Rotary is based and all the efforts and activities result from this. Based on friendship all Rotary services have been developed, such as Community Service or International Service… Those services do not come out of themselves, but they are growing out of that foundation of friendship… All that is concentrated on the idea of “Service Above Self”. Men, who are well positioned in life, tend to develop the desire to turn to the needs of other people and through this to grow beyond themselves…

At this point I want to extend by sincere wishes to you to grow and widen in friendship, developing a truly successful new club in the world of Rotary… We welcome the new Rotary Club of Solkan-Siliganum!

Yours in Rotary,
Peter-Christian Herbrich

DG 1910